Here we go!

Hey y'all, welcome!!

 I am so excited to get more personal with you guys. Whether you're a client of mine, a friend or just follow me on social media, I want to say THANK YOU! :)

I don't know exactly how this "blogging" thing works. I am not a pro. I feel like I'm pretty tech savvy when it comes to Instagram, but that's about it. I WILL say though, I made this entire website by myself, so I'm getting better (don't judge me too hard).

I wanted to have a place that I could share more than pictures. Pictures are great, but that's just visual. I want to be able to tell y'all things about my favorite products, more information about the services I offer, where I shop at, etc.! 

(If you have any requests of a topic you'd like me to write about, please let me know!)

I don't have a plan of when I'll be posting what topics on what day...for now I'm just going with the flow until I figure this out, so please be patient with me. I promise there will be more organization soon!

XOXO, Madison